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Calendar Details for 20 May 2019

JOHN C. FAZIO: The Black Flag and Its Relevance to the Events of April 14, 1865
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 8:30 PM
Venue: Westminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge
Contact: SANDY von THELEN Phone: 434.971.8567

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 This presentation covers black flag warfare (defined broadly as warfare without law or convention and in which no atrocity is unacceptable) throughout the course of human history, including the ancient and medieval worlds, but with emphasis on its practice in the American Civil War. The speaker will discuss and illustrate cold-blooded killings, beheadings, impalings and mutilations, as well as intentionally causing the death of POW’s, summary execution of POW’s, massacres, depredations of psychopathic killers, terror plots, burning of cities and wanton destruction of private property, livestock and crops. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the attempted decapitation of the United States government on April 14, 1865, are shown to be natural and probable extensions of the previous four years of black flag warfare, an elevation of degree, not of kind.

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